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  • Amazon Echo Show review: Seeing is believing
    Siri may have ushered in the era of the digital assistant, but Amazon's Echo (with Alexa) really took that concept and put it in our homes. The Echo wasn't an immediate, breakout hit -- but having Alexa around to ask questions, manage smart-home devi...
  • HMD's Nokia 6 will arrive in the US next month for $229
    Like so many European acts that tried to make it big in the US, Nokia never really managed to crack the market in its original form. But HMD Global, the company that produces smartphones using the Nokia brand, is hoping that will change with the arri...
  • The SNES Classic is real, arrives on September 29th for $80
    The delicious rumors are true: Nintendo is gearing up to launch the SNES Classic, a miniaturized version of the glorious original Super Nintendo Entertainment System. According to Nintendo's Twitter account, the system will be available on September...
  • 'Ultimate General: Gettysburg' Has Marched Onto iPhones
    Ultimate General: Gettysburg [$3.99] is one of the prettiest real-time strategy games on any platform, and two years after landing on iPads, it has finally marched onto your iPhones after the latest update. The game was originally released on PCs, and even though the iOS version lost some great features—multiplayer and dynamic campaign—it is still […]
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 is burrowing its way onto PC
    Platformer mine-’em-up SteamWorld Dig 2 [official site] was announced way back in February for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s going to be heading to PC, too, and unlike its predecessor it’ll arrive “within a few days of the Nintendo Switch debut.” … [visit site to read more]
  • Exceedingly difficult ‘TumbleSeed’ just got a bit easier
    For those who have struggled through and given up on the exceptionally difficult rogue-like TumbleSeed (don't worry, we had a hard time too), a patch was just released that makes the game a bit easier to navigate. The team behind TumbleSeed has ackno...
  • Speedrunner sprints through Prey in 7 minutes
    According to Steam, it took me 22 hours to finish Prey [official site]. I wasn’t rushing, but I wasn’t dawdling either. John spent 30 hours on Talos I for his review. Compared to speedrunner Seeker TV, who finished in a blisteringly fast seven minutes, we’re a pair of doddering geriatrics. Check out the run below, […]
  • 'GRID Autosport' Developer Feral Interactive Teases Game Codenamed 'Lionheart', Coming 'Quite Soon' to IOS
    Feral Interactive have struck a rich vein of form lately, with the ports of the classic Rome: Total War [$6.99 (HD)] strategy series bringing some true in-depth tactical action to the iPad. Furthermore, despite some sadly necessary delays in development, the first early glimpses of the mobile iteration of GRID Autosport have looked stunning, as […]
  • Facebook reminds you Messenger video chat exists with new effects
    Facebook Messenger has had video chat capabilities for a couple of years now, and last December, it finally added group chat capabilities. Today, the company is unveiling even more features to Messenger's video chat service such as animated reactions...
  • Apple Removes 58,000 Applications From the Chinese App Store - Is the 32-Bit Appocalypse Near?
    What us at TouchArcade Towers have coined the '32-bit Appocalypse' has been a significant cause of much anxiety amongst both mobile gamers and developers on the App Store of late. While the lack of compatibility with 32-bit applications on iOS 11 strongly hints that such older games will likely meet a slow death once the […]