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  • 'Macho Cat' Is a Game Where You Scrub a Kitten With Random Junk, and Is Looking for Beta Testers on Our Forums
    I hadn't heard of developer OPNeon until SumiKen [$1.99], their latest release, appeared on my radar. An auto-runner with a beautiful sumi-e Japanese ink graphical design, SumiKen was an endearing App Store release from a developer that made games as a part-time hobby. As a result, the next question was what OPNeon would put their […]
  • ‘Final Fantasy’ characters are now selling Nissans
    Final Fantasy character Lightning has landed herself another ad campaign. She's already hawked Prada and Louis Vuitton and now she's moved from the fashion world to the auto industry. Lightning appears with Snow Villiers -- who was also in the Prada...
  • The moon may be hiding lots of water below its surface
    Since 2008, we've known that there is water on the moon. The lack of atmosphere and a magnetic field means that most of the water on our satellite's surface would be immediately stripped by the sun. However, that doesn't apply within the Moon's inter...
  • 'Monomals' Is a Graphically Stunning Music Game From the Creators of 'Heroki', Launching Next Year
    I've been a staunch advocate of the old adage 'don't judge a book by its cover' for a long time, and I've found that those horribly clichéd words of advice have been faithful for the vast majority of video games I've played. However, does that stop me getting ridiculously excited over a mere teaser trailer […]
  • Helix wants to build a marketplace for your DNA
    There are secrets buried deep within our genetic code, and more than a few companies that want to help you learn them. Helix believes that the gaggle of startups vying for your DNA have a problem: they all need an individual sample to use. That's why...
  • Have You Played… Prey (2017)?
    This is possibly premature, but I’m worried that Prey might have fallen through the cracks. I don’t hear it talked about that much now. Don’t wait for a sale. Don’t dismiss it because it looks a little sterile in screenshots. Prey is exactly the game that long-time RPS readers have been praying for, for decades. […]
  • The next HoloLens will use AI to recognize real-world objects
    We're all excited about the gaming potential of HoloLens, but Microsoft is also fixated on enterprise AR, much like Google now is with Glass. During a talk at the CVPR (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) conference in Hawaii, Microsoft Research...
  • Ancient App Store Puzzler 'Connectrode' Updated With 64-Bit Support, Now Free to Download
    One silver lining of the 32-bit Appocalypse is that many ancient titles that have been left to collect dust on the App Store for years have had the opportunity to be revisited by not only new players, but the developers as well. While many such games just receive a mere compatibility update, others have been […]
  • Dreamfall Chapters fancied up with The Final Cut
    The saga of The Longest Journey is now well and truly over, now that the adventure series’s final instalment Dreamfall Chapters [official site] has received a ‘Final Cut’. This free update brings Dreamfall Chapters PC into line with the console versions, which were released later and fancier. Features of The Final Cut include “improved” graphics […]
  • Steam Charts: Fresh Meat
    Children, gather round, for I have a tale to tell. A tale of wonder, intrigue, mystery and astonishment! Are we ready? Let me begin. “Once upon a time there was a week when the Steam charts were slightly different to every other week since the dawn of time…” (more…)