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  • Browser-based domain price guessing game shows the web has a way with words
    How much, exactly, would it cost you to be the proud owner of the domain ‘’? What about ‘’? If you think you’ve got a good guess, you should try out Domain Pricing, which will pit two names against one another and ask which you think is the more expensive one to get your hands […]
  • EU copyright laws face uncertain fate after 11 countries reject proposal
    Internet giants like Google might breathe a little easier in Europe... at least, for now. The EU has called off January 21st negotiations for a final vote on the controversial Copyright Directive after 11 countries, including Germany, Italy and the...
  • Tesla hikes Supercharger prices worldwide to reflect changing costs
    Tesla's efforts to improve its bottom line go beyond layoffs and disappearing perks. Electrek has learned that Tesla is raising Supercharger rates around the world, with per kWh rates climbing about 33 percent in numerous markets. While it's still...
  • My favourite moment in The Walking Dead so far was a mistake I made
    Zombie choose-o-drama The Walking Dead: The Final Season released its third episode this week, after a short delay as Telltale sadly closed its doors and Skybound took over development (thankfully with at least some of the former workers on board). I haven’t finished it yet, because who has time to finish video games nowadays, even […]
  • Recommended Reading: How we got two Fyre Festival documentaries
    Fyre Fight: The inside story of how we got two warring Fyre Festival documentaries in the same week Scott Tobias, The Ringer We've known for a while now that Hulu and Netflix were both working on documentaries chronicling the ill-fated influencer...
  • What we're buying: A terrible replacement baby monitor
    This week's IRL tale has nothing to do with new year's resolutions. Thankfully. Instead, Senior Editor Dan Cooper tries to replace his decent (but broken) baby monitor, and finds that cheaper models no longer cut it.
  • Go for a tranquil sail in the appropriately-named Becalm
    It has, as usual, been a long week, but don’t worry – Becalm is here to provide the perfect pick me up. This gentle cruise simulator doesn’t ask for anything but for you to take in the beautiful surroundings, and maybe snap a picture or two if you’d like. Even the trailer is a blessing, […]
  • The Morning After: Galaxy S10 leaks and Amazon's robot safety vest
    Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! This week included Nike's real self-tightening basketball shoes, a Model 3 road trip assisted by AutoPilot and Google's big smartwatch purchase. Also, we might have gotten an early look...
  • Unofficial Overwatch tournament will test out a hero ban system
    Whether or not the Overwatch League should implement hero bans has been a hot topic among fans and professionals lately. Those who are behind the approach believe it’ll mix up a stale meta, but it’s hard to say for sure until we see it in action. Luckily, some players will be taking it for a […]
  • ActionDash brings 'digital well being' tracking to more Android phones
    Late last year Google released a Digital Wellbeing app that surfaced insights about exactly how much you're using your phone, and in which apps. Apple installed a similar feature in iOS 12 with Screen Time, but on Android, Google's app only works wit...