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  • Amazon's $200 Echo Link is ready with internet radio for your hi-fi
    If you've bought into Amazon's ecosystem of smart home features and you have a high-end audio system, then the Echo Link is intended to bring those worlds together. Announced earlier this year alongside devices like the Echo Sub and Fire TV Recast, i...
  • Apple is quietly killing off Apple Music's Connect social features
    Apple Music Connect appears as though it's on its way out. Apple has started to notify artists that they will no longer have the ability to post content to the social network-style service build into Apple's streaming music platform, according to 9to...
  • Deliver Passengers Via an Elevator or Risk them Exploding in ‘Lifty!’, Launching Next Week
    Elevator-based gameplay isn’t anything new. I mean, remember the classic Elevator Action? Or for a more contemporary example, a large part of the Tiny Tower series was operating an elevator. You’d often get a special guest arriving at your tower that needed to be delivered to a specific floor in time to earn a bonus. […]
  • Humble are stuffing stockings with free Lego The Hobbitses today
    It’s a good day for free stuff – the second giveaway of the day is Lego The Hobbit. While not the greatest of Traveller’s Tales’s sprawling list of film-to-virtual-plastic adaptations, it’s a decent way to distract the kids, or yourself if you’re young at heart. Based on just the first two films, it’s a platformy […]
  • Google opens virtual version of fire-ravaged Brazil museum
    A couple of years before a fire devastated the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in September, Google's Arts and Culture team started working with the museum to digitize the collection. Just a few months after the inferno, Google has reopen...
  • Book Of Demons emerges from the crypts of early access today
    Book Of Demons wears its inspirations on its book-sleeve. Leaving early access after two and a half years of testing and updates, developers Thing Trunk have wrapped a cute papercraft aesthetic around this clear Diablo tribute. It’s an unusual little dungeon crawler – feeling a bit like a real-time version of Card Hunter, it’s more […]
  • Konami launches free-to-play version of soccer sim 'PES 2019'
    Looking for some football action without forking out full price for FIFA? Konami announced today that it is releasing PES 2019 Lite, a stripped down and free-to-play version of its soccer simulator, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The focus of the "Lite" t...
  • ‘Bike Girl’ is an Homage to the Quirky Arcade Game ‘Prop Cycle’ that’s Looking for Beta Testers
    While gigantic arcade cabinets weren’t a new thing, it feels like it was during the mid to late ’90s that they hit their peak as the arcade world hit a high level of extravagance before ultimately dying out. Funnily enough that world is experiencing a resurgence as those who were kids back in the arcade […]
  • Apple snags JJ Abrams-produced drama starring Jennifer Garner
    Apple's slate of TV shows continues to grow and the company's latest acquisition is a JJ Abrams-produced limited series starring Jennifer Garner. My Glory Was I Had Such Friends is based on the Amy Silverstein memoir of the same name and it centers o...
  • 'Star Trek: Discovery' season two trailer shows plenty of Spock
    Now that Star Trek: Discovery's second season is almost here, CBS All Access has released a full trailer to drum up hype -- and to no one's surprise, the stakes are high this time around. The season will see the Discovery crew partnering with Captai...