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  • YouTube's unified artist channels clean up its music mess
    If you treat YouTube like a jukebox, you know how confusing it can be when your favorite artists have multiple channels. You may have to go to one channel to get the pure album cuts, and another to watch the music videos. Mercifully, YouTube is red...
  • Apple's HomePod won't have multi-room or stereo audio at launch
    Apple just announced that its HomePod smart speaker is set to ship February 9th of this year. What didn't make the large print is that it won't support multi-room audio or stereo pairing on that date. These are pretty big features of all other intern...
  • Premature Evaluation: Stationeers
    Premature Evaluation is the weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access. This week, Fraser’s pottering around in RocketwWerkz’ space station sim, Stationeers, and learning that, just perhaps, it’s better to stay on Earth. Why is a giant egg on top of my microwave? I’m trying to play through Stationeers’ dire tutorial, […]
  • A million net neutrality comments used fake PornHub emails
    Even as senators try to halt the FCC's gutting of former internet protections and tech companies express their frustration with the new rules, net neutrality is dead. Sure, there was an extension to the period of public comment on the matter when it...
  • Apple releases Meltdown patches for older versions of macOS
    Today, Apple released updates that will protect some older operating systems against the Meltdown vulnerability. Patches for High Sierra were released earlier this month and now Sierra and El Capitan will be protected as well.
  • 'Dandara' Up for Pre-Order on the iOS App Store and Arriving February 6th, Same Day as Other Platforms
    I've been eagerly anticipating Long Hat House's upcoming slingshotting Metroidvania adventure Dandara since I first posted about it way back in May of 2016. Based loosely on the actual historical figure Dandara, in this game you'll be swiping to launch yourself from surface to surface across levels that can twist and turn as you defy […]
  • This is why you shouldn't bite an iPhone battery
    We're nothing if not helpful here at Engadget and we're always looking out for your wellbeing. So today we have a little bit of advice for you: Don't bite your iPhone battery. One man found this out the hard way, Appleinsider reports, causing a minor...
  • Apple's latest iOS update brings Siri news briefs and HomePod support
    Siri's news reading feature is no longer limited to the beta testing crowd. Apple has officially released iOS 11.2.5, and the centerpiece is the ability to ask Siri for the latest happenings. If you're in the US, UK or Australia, you can get a briefi...
  • Check Out the First 20 Minutes of 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery'
    Late last night we posted about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery soft launching on Google Play. It's made by Jam City, who are responsible for games like Cookie Jam [Free], Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game [Free] and more super popular mass market free to play mobile games. Unsurprisingly, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is also very free […]
  • The 'God of War' reboot comes to the PS4 on April 20th
    It's been nearly two years since Sony announced it would revitalize the God of War franchise, and now we finally know when Kratos' next adventure will arrive. The next game in the series, simply titled God of War, will be available on April 20th. To...