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  • Sixense refunds backers for VR controller, five years later
    More than five years after funding its Stem virtual reality controller system on Kickstarter, Sixense is paying back those who pledged for the device. Sixense is no longer making a consumer version of the controller, as it is focusing on producing ha...
  • Samsung unveils Exynos chips built for connected cars
    Samsung's Exynos processors are no longer confined to mobile devices and the occasional smartwatch. The company has launched Exynos Auto and Isocell Auto brands that will respectively make chips and camera sensors for connected cars. The Exynos lin...
  • Massive Monster-Collecting RPG ‘Siralim 3’ Hits Steam with a Mobile Version Coming Later this Month
    It’s been more than four years since Thylacine Studios released their incredibly deep Siralim (Free) to the App Store. An RPG at its core but pretty undefinable beyond that, our own Shaun Musgrave lovingly referred to the original Siralim as “an overstuffed endless pit of RPG joy." It was a game that was massively ambitious […]
  • Facebook will demote spammy scraper website links in the News Feed
    Facebook will automatically demote links from websites that post stolen content in the News Feed, according to TechCrunch. The social network has been trying to get its feed under control over the past few years in an effort to strike a balance betwe...
  • Hot Wheels' real-life 'Rocket League' RC cars land November 1st
    If you've ever wondered what Rocket League would be like in real life, this RC version is as close of an approximation as you'll get to the video game. As teased earlier this year, Hot Wheels and Psyonix have teamed up to build an actual physical ver...
  • For Honor expands into China with Marching Fire, out now
    Ubisoft’s For Honor once looked like a write-off, but the competitive sword-o-brawler has somehow pulled itself together. Today’s expansion – Marching Fire – adds a bundle of new content to the game, a lot of it paid, but some major upgrades free for everyone. All players (regardless of version owned) will get access to a […]
  • ‘ELOH’ Review – A Soothing, Sound-Bending Puzzle
    Saying I’m fond of mobile puzzle games is an understatement, as the genre has provided me with amusement (and sometimes distraction from life) for uncountable hours of the past year alone. Despite the numeros titles I’ve been through, all seem to share common traits, including timed levels, opportunities to watch ads (even in paid games), […]
  • ‘Spider-Man’ DLC arrives next Tuesday with new suits, more web slinging
    People can't stop talking about the PS4 exclusive game Marvel's Spider-Man, and now they'll have even more to chat about. The first chapter of a new DLC called The City that Never Sleeps launches on Tuesday, October 23rd.
  • Bill Gates remembers Paul Allen: 'I will miss him tremendously'
    Yesterday, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passed away at the age of 65 following a battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and today, Bill Gates shared a few thoughts on the man he says changed his life. "When I think about Paul, I remember a passionate...
  • Hulu to offer 'skinnier' live TV packages to cut costs
    A year and a half after getting into the live TV game, Hulu plans to scale back their live offerings. With a new "skinnier" bundle, Hulu would offer less live channels but more shows on-demand. Hulu CEO Randy Freer told The Information that the decis...