Taliyah – Anechoic Chamber 2016





Taliyah was designed in 2016 – she came from the same character pod (dev team) as Illaoi. Her thematic revolved around “weaving rocks.” However, the rocks were massive boulders and strings of powerful conglomerates of earth. The “rock weaver’s” sound required high end detail to sell the idea of weaving, and the power and kick of boulder and brick to provide the size and scale of her abilities.

I decided to record the high end detail for her kit inside an anechoic chamber. Due to the extreme quiet, the recordings could be gathered with much hotter pre’s. This, in short, would allow for the greater manipulation and clarity of smaller sounds inside a DAW. The recordings of tiles being “shuffled” and grid-tiles being shook became the sonic bed of weaving aspect that pokes through the lower and more chunky elements of her sound design.

Extremely short clip of recording with crap video quality…